Homage Or Horrific: Horrorvision (2001) | Episode 1

Sometimes you encounter a movie so bad that it somehow manages to come full circle and end up at least pretty fascinating, and Horrorvision is one of those movies.

“Lesser” movies will rip off one or two much better movies, typically trying to come in under the radar.

But not this one!

Terrorvision “borrows” liberally from Phantasm (1979), Tron (1982), Hellraiser (1987), The Crow (1982), The Lawnmower Man (1992), Feardotcom (2002) and as if that weren’t enough, The Matrix (1999)!!!!

I mentioned in the title that this movie was made in 2001 – while 2001: A Space Odyssey was made in 1968, 33 years earlier(!) and yet looks a thousand times better.

Though that’s not entirely fair. Danny Draven is no Stanley Kubrick and 2001: A Space Odyssey‘s was a pretty expensive movie for the time. $12 million may not sound like a lot nowadays but it would cost many millions more if it were made in 2001, never mind today.

In fact, Terrorvision had so many strikes against it (most of them of it’s own making) yet somehow despite being perhaps the most derivative movie I’ve ever seen it manages to entertain.

It’s not a good movie – in fact, by virtually any metric you’d like think of using it’s pretty bad – but it’s so bad that it somehow manages to come full circle.

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