REview: Toad Road (2012) | Horror Is Where You Find It

Jason Banker’s Toad Road is a great movie.

What makes it so impressive is that the horrors aren’t those like zombies or aliens, but those present in us all. The horrors of ennui and loneliness; the horrors of constantly searching for distraction from our mundane lives.

The story revolves around a group of teenagers, who typically spend their time sending as many brain cells into oblivion as they possibly can.

Though if the only terrors were those of the mind then it would still be a really good movie, though there’s another and it lies along Toad Road.

Local legend has it that the end of the forested path lies the Seven Gates to Hell, though since no one has every made it beyond the fifth gate, the existence of a seventh gate is as much of a urban legend as Toad Road itself.

Though is it really a legend after all? And what legends doesn’t have an origin somewhere in reality, lost to time?

Though when you don’t have much to live for beyond the next high, and life itself holds no surprises, perhaps a trip along Toad Road is what you need to move beyond the humdrum ‘work at a job you hate till you die’ world your parents live in.

After all, since there’s no God there can’t be a Devil, and if there’s no God or Devil it stands to reason there’s no Hell, never mind seven gates.

So make you way down the path because every town, in every city, has it’s own Toad Road though it isn’t always a road.

Sometimes its that house that always seems to be abandoned, so shunned that even the homeless avoid it. Other times it’s a cul de sac, though not quite the dead end you might be expecting.

Wherever it is, whichever form it takes, it’s here, and it’s waiting.

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