Trailer Into REaction: Jupiter’s Legacy (2021) | Official Trailer

When Walt Disney created Disney+, they were not playing because they not only began with an initial investment somewhere in the ballpark of a billion dollars, but they’re projected to increase that to $14-16 billion over the next few years.

What they also did was pull their content from everywhere else, including Netflix, which means that not only will there no longer be Marvel movies on the streaming channel (which is no longer the case since they recently made a deal with Sony to release their upcoming slate after a theatrical release, which includes Marvel characters like Morbius and Spider-Man).

Though Netflix has been creating comic book-based content for awhile, even if you don’t take Marvel Comics into account.

Shows like The Umbrella Academy (Dark Horse Comics), The October Faction (IDW) and others are all based on comics, though most people aren’t aware of it because they’re hardly what you’d call mainstream titles.

Then there’s the fact that Netflix purchased MillerWorld, the comics company owned by Mark Miller, the creator of Kick-Ass and Kingsman so they have plenty of access to characters.

Which is where Jupiter’s Legacy comes in.

Created by Mark Miller, the series appears to revolve around generations of superheroes, their interpersonal struggles and preparations to meet some unmentioned threat.

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