REview: Koma (2019) | FX (Almost) Overwhelms the Story

There’re times Nikita’s Argunov’s Koma is a gorgeous movie to look at and the worlds depicted on screen are rendered in a beautiful, almost painterly fashion.

Though there are also a few scenes – luckily few – that fall quickly into the uncanny valley, where you can sort of see that there’re more than a few programmers behind the scenes pushing pixels about, even if you can’t quite explain how.

Though overall Koma is pretty good though I wish Argunov had more faith in the material because Koma comes alive in the last hour or so, which also happens to be the least reliant on visual effects.

It reminds me very much of Tron: Legacy (2010), except that it somehow manages to be a warmer, more human movie (though that may have more to do with the color scheme and production design of Legacy more than anything else).

And speaking of Tron: Legacy, rumors of a sequel seem to turn up every now and again, though I get the feeling that Nikita Argunov’s isn’t being considered for the director job.

Which is a pity because I get the feeling that he might be able to bring a more human, a more relatable element to the movie than Joseph Kosinski couldn’t.

Koma is currently streaming on Tubi and it’s Russian, though subtitles and dubbing options are available.

And when considering subtitles or dubbing I ALWAYS go for the former because I have yet to see a movie that dubbing has improved (besides anime and Shaw Brothers martial arts movies, that is. Those are awesome).

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