Trailer Into REaction: Moonfall (2022) | Teaser Trailer

Roland Emmerich is a bit of a dinosaur in the sense that he does one thing – direct big, typically catastrophe-driven – action movies, and that’s it.

Which isn’t to say that he hasn’t worked to expand his repertoire, if movies like Universal Soldier (1992), The Patriot (2000) or Stonewall (2015) are any indictors.

That being said, his bread and butter are massive action spectacles, typically with just enough character development that you couldn’t accuse them of having none at all though it’s never the thing that you remember them for.

And that’s okay, because you dance with the one who brought you though what happens when the time comes that the type of movie you’re accustomed to making goes out of vogue?

If you’re Emmerich, apparently by going back to what you know, namely big action spectacles.

What’s interesting is that Moonfall is budgeted at only $140 million, which is expensive though lesser than some seemingly similar scale movies, like The Suicide Squad (though considering it’s financed outside the studio system it’s actually pretty expensive).

Hopefully it won’t end up being the next Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets (2017), perhaps one of the most badly cast movies in recent memory.

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