Trailer Into REaction: Halloween Kills (2021) | Final Trailer

I’d like to think that I bring more enthusiasm to my reactions, though with David Gordon Green’s Halloween Kills I just can’t find the energy.

It’s not that I don’t like it. I thought that the first movie, Halloween (2018) while bringing little that was new to the reboot game, was at least interesting (and thankfully didn’t try to remake the wheel like Rob Zombie did though to be fair at least he tried to do something different).

No, what bothers me is that it’s bring released on Peacock, NBC’s streaming network, at the same time as it’s released in theaters.

I have no idea why this is being done, especially now at this point in the pandemic (when it’s fairly obvious that this dual released strategy is killing the theatrical experience).

Though for me what it does is take anything that’s special, that’s novel, out of the movie going experience.

After all, why bother going to the theater when you can watch a first run movie at home?

For instance, I was interested in catching Denis Villenueve’s Dune, till I learned it was going to premiere on HBOMax at the same time as it was going to premiere in theaters.

Now I don’t care quite as much because it’s no longer an event; it’s something that’ll turn up on HBOMax, so why bother?

And I’ve read various responses from people in forums about seeing it on HBOMax then catching it in theaters, and while some people may do that, I think for the most part it’s bs.

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