Marvel Studios’ Eternals Has Broke $400 Million Worldwide!

If you’re someone that likes Marvel movies you’re probably seen or read something that tries to paint Eternals as a disappointment, financially speaking, which is nonsense.

I assume that this is because Eternals has just scratched it’s way to $400 million worldwide, which for a Marvel movie is, let’s be honest, a bit underwhelming though to be fair virtually every movie released in 2021 is underperforming to some degree, so why is it being singled out for opprobrium?

I honestly think it’s because Marvel Studios is a victim of their own success in that there’re way too many people who’re invested in something failing and since they can’t say that in reference to Marvel Studios themselves, they to do the next best thing.

it’s not only boring, but a bit nonsensical because it’s a metric that as I mentioned isn’t being applied uniformly.

For instance, Warner Bros’ Dune has earned almost $394 million dollars worldwide ($393,585,276) on a budget of $166 million dollars and is not only getting a sequel but is painted by most people and Warner Media as a success. Now, Eternals cost more to produce, at $200 million compared to $166 million, but it has out-earned Dune ($400,232,965).

Which isn’t to imply it’s as profitable as Dune, which it isn’t (though not by a lot, relatively speaking, of course).

It’s also worth mentioning that not only are most movies underperforming compared to traditional levels during the seemingly unending pandemic, Warner Bros made what to me looked like a very chickenshit move by releasing their entire 2021 slate on HBOMax, which required me to respond accordingly, which is to say I won’t pay to see any Warner Bros movies released in theaters as long as they’re being released on their streaming channel at the same time.

Because since most Americans are relatively powerless politically, we have to exercise our will somewhere.

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