REview: We Need To Do Something (2021) | It’s like ‘The Shining,’ Without The Focus

While I don’t necessarily think Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining is as great a movie as many of it’s advocates seem to think it is – it’s colder and more calculated than the winter the bulk of the story takes place in – it is effective.

Sean King O’Grady’s We Need To Do Something works on a similar premise – a group of people are trapped and under siege by unknown, possibly supernatural forces – and that ‘possibly’ is where We Need To To Do Something’s goes astray because while the narrative strongly implies that what’s going on is due to the influence of evil, demonic forces there’re a moment or two that could be interpreted as an alien invasion.

Which is really odd because a lot of the narrative revolves around the daughter, Melissa (Sierra McCormick) dabbling in black magic with her girlfriend, with particular events, such as what I like to call ‘ the tongue’ mimicking the spell the ladies cast.

Or maybe it’s happening in her head.

The scenario is certainly weird enough – and gets progressively weirder – as the movie goes on though it doesn’t pull an Identity-like twist, which would make that outcome at least make sense.

As it is We Need To Do Something works because of some of the bold – and oftentimes bizarre – choices the director tended to make.

Though they’re not all successful – like as the ‘snake whip,’ which comes off as hilarious, though not a manner that indicates that that was the outcome being aimed for.

2016’s Blair Witch gets a lot of flack from some quarters (unfairly in my view) though it posited that the events of it and he original Blair Witch Project (1999) were the result of alien intervention. Some people may have found that unsatisfying – I not only didn’t but thought that it was actually pretty clever – at least it followed one particular narrative to a satisfying conclusion.

We Need To Do Something could learn a lesson from that movie about choosing one outcome based upon the evidence presented, and sticking to it.

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