Village Roadshow Sues Warner Bros

Village Roadshow Pictures, the American subsidiary of Australian production company Village Roadshow, has produced over 100 movies since 1986, all co-productions with Warner Bros.

Their most recent film, The Matrix Resurrections, failed at the box office, making just over $155 million on a $190 million budget (typically a movie to break even has to earn at least 2 times the production cost).

It was among the movies in Warner Bros 2021 production slate that was released simultaneously on HBOMax – and what very likely caused Christopher Nolan to move to Universal with his next feature – and in theaters, which Village Roadshow believes contributed to the movie failing and apparently why they’re suing the company (in fact, it based upon box office returns most of Warner Bros 2021 slate failed).

And what’s really interesting is that it seems Warner Media chief Jason Kilar didn’t tell Village Roadshow what they intended to do with a movie they co-financed though considering that they treated all their directors the same it’s not exactly a surprise.

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