Warner Bros Does the Dumbest Things

Let’s be honest. The executives over at DC/Warner Bros – lead by Walter Hamada – have no idea what they’re doing. This has been fairly obvious before he took the helm though Hamada seems to be continuing in a grand tradition of really dumb decisions (most recently sacrificing their 2021 slate on the altar of HBOMax, which wasn’t a Hamada decision, but still).

Why brings this on? According to The Hollywood Reporter, Warner Bros is developing a movie based on The Wonder Twins.

And that’s not to say that I dislike the Wonder Twins more than not particularly caring about them one way or the other though if someone were to develop a movie based on them you’d think characters like Superman would already be firmly established, as opposed to building a roster based on characters virtually no one knows of.

That’s like Marvel Studios, if they didn’t have to go through Sony to use Spider-Man but owned him outright, deciding to bench him and instead going with Iron Man, Thor and Captain America (the only reason they did so because their more popular characters, like Spider-Man, were tied up at other studios).

But we’re talking about Warner Bros here, so it almost goes without saying that they’re going to do something really dumb.

So, expect the announcement for a Mister Mxyzptik solo movie any day now.

The Wonder Twins begin appear at 1:53

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