Tron 3 Is – Seemingly – Still in Development

I really enjoyed Tron (1982) – particularly the Wendy Carlos soundtrack – and didn’t mind the sequel, Tron: Legacy (2010), though I eventually came to appreciate it.

Which exactly mirrored my feelings toward Daft Punk’s soundtrack and to this day I wondered if there was some reason she didn’t return for the sequel (beyond the fact that the director of Tron: Legacy, Joseph Kosinski, was a fan of the group).

Talk about a sequel came and went despite Tron: Legacy performing moderately well, earning $400 million on a $170 million budget though I get the feeling that the greatest hurdle in the way of sequel was Disney’s purchase of Marvel Entertainment in 2009.

Though apparently it’s rumor time again because recently reported that Jared Leto mentioned in an interview that Tron 3 was not only chugging along, but news on it’s progress would be forthcoming.

Tron: Legacy was okay though it lacked the wonder of the original movie and it really surprised me how visually grounded it was in a way the first movie wasn’t. I understand that Kosinski’s movie took place in a world that was more visually like our own, but the visuals of the original movie are what made it so fascinating and I wish the sequel had followed a similarly outlandish blueprint.

Which is why I don’t necessarily think that it’s a bad thing that Kosinski doesn’t appear to be returning, though I have no idea who Garth Davis (Lion) is.

I’m also really surprised a director like Ridley Scott isn’t doing the sequel because few directors have a grasp of the visual that he does combined with the ability to recognize good writing.

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