Does Anyone Care About ‘Stranger Things 4?’

Apparently Netflix’s Stranger Things 4 suffered a promotional mishap when a Monopoly game based on the series revealed major plot points for the upcoming season.

And while that isn’t good for anybody, who’s still watching this show!? As far as I’m concerned it lost steam after its second season never mind the insanity of each episode of season four costing somewhere in the ballpark of $30 million.

Netflix has been laying off staff due to a 200,000 subscribers-loss, though maybe if they stopped spending so much money per episode OF ANY SERIES they might not have to lay off so many people (they could also stop paying their executives so much, but we can’t have that, can we)?

Maybe I’m still bitter after they cancelled Travelers after three seasons, but this type of spending isn’t sustainable (it is the final season of Stranger Things; I mean it’s not sustainable in general).

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