My Two Cents | The Problem with The History Channel

I really like the world that cable was supposed to bring us, namely a gazillion channels, each dedicated to one particular, niche thing.

If your thing is horror, there’s a channel for you!

If you’re into home repair, we’ve got you covered!

Literally a channel for every interest, except not really because cable channels require viewers just like regular television (The threshold, as in the amount of viewers, may change but the fact is that if you don’t have enough viewers your channel is, pardon the pun, history).

So, I understand why it is that The History Channel in the last decade or so seemed to deal more with fantasy than reality.

After all, Syfy – which was changed from SciFi, as in The SciFi Channel – features wrestling! Wrestling! And as realistic as that is it is in a very real way science fiction-adjacent

As I said, I get it but it just doesn’t mean I have to like it.

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