What The DCU Does Not Need

What the newly minted DCU (what I assume means ‘DC Universe’ as opposed to formerly the DCEU – the DC Cinematic Universe) does not need is drama, but that’s what’s happening.

The trades recently reported that Patty Jenkins sank Wonder Woman 3 due to an unwillingness to change her screenplay, based on studio notes.

Today she responded and essentially blamed no longer directing the feature on the tumult currently going on with Warner Bros and the latest iteration of DC Films, DC Studios.

By my reckoning the greater problem is that it sounds like James Gunn and Peter Safran, the co-heads of DC Studios, are likely to recast Superman, Aquaman and Wonder Woman and there’s no way on Earth ‘Snyderverse’ fans are going to let them forget it.

And speaking of recasting, supposedly Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom will be the last time Jason Momoa plays the character, although supposedly he’d move on to playing Lobo (which he is better suited to play) though there’s been no news on either Gal Godot or Henry Cavill returning).

Which makes Cavill quitting Netflix’s The Witcher and claiming to be back as Superman not the best timing.


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