Should Netflix Stop Producing Live-Action Anime?

I enjoy Netflix for the most part though I just wish they’d stop trying to adapt anime into live-action because – at least so far – they don’t do it particularly well.

Remember 2017’s Death Note?

You probably don’t and I can’t blame you.

What about 2021’s Cowboy Bebop?

By my reckoning it was better than Death Note but felt to me as if the creators may have seen liked it, but didn’t quite understand how to translate it into live action.

That being said, I think I understand the problem. In the case of the former, the issue was one of white-washing (did you think Ghost in the Shell was the first time its happened!?).

Now to be fair the story of Netflix’s Death Note took place in the United States, but aren’t there Asian-Americans that could play some of the roles that were Japanese in the anime?

Cowboy Bebop is another matter entirely, and it started fine by at least casting an Asian-American ,John Cho, as Spike Spiegel though I always felt he was a little old for the role though the entire production suffered from a listlessness that was the opposite of the anime it was based upon.

It wasn’t terrible, just anemic.

And speaking of Cowboy Bebop, that’s Faye Valentine on the right and it doesn’t take extrasensory perception to notice her…ample assets. I didn’t mind the way she dressed in the anime because it’s hardly unusual for that medium to titillate, though I can recall debating someone on the Interwebs at the time about how they were irritated that she didn’t dress the same in live-action as she did in the anime.

Are they out of their minds!? What actress would want to dress like that and expect to be taken seriously!?

There’s always been something puerile about the way women tend to be drawn in anime, so how anyone could have expected to see the same in live action, on an actuall human woman, is a bit beyond me.

Though it’s about time I get to the point of writing this story, which is that Netflix is preparing a live-action series based on My Hero Academia, via Legendary Entertainment, though based on their past adaptations let’s just say I’m not optimistic though I haven’t seen the anime, so at least there’s nothing for me to directly compare it to.


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