James Gunn Fraks Up Right Out The Gate

According to The Hollywood Reporter, James Gunn is writing a Superman treatment sans Henry Cavill, which sounds to me like a bit of an unforced error.

Supposedly the story will revolve around a younger Superman who’s already a reporter for The Daily Planet.

I don’t think it’s a great move because Cavill has been treated pretty badly throughout this entire process and while I can see why Gunn and Peter Safran would want to have an entirely fresh start, keeping Cavill around would engender a lot of good will amongst the fanbase (for instance, I’d really enjoy seeing Cavill in the role, despite hating what Zach Snyder was doing with the character).

Though that’s not to say that Henry Cavill is irreplacable more than by my reckoning we’ve never seen him as Superman, just as we haven’t really seen him as Clark Kent.

And that’s a shame.


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