‘Die Hard’ Is Not A Christmas Movie

The seemingly never-ending debate over if whether or not Die Hard (1988) is a Christmas movie has always been odd to me because not only is it not a Christmas movie, it’s fairly obviously isn’t a Christmas movie.

And that’s because a Christmas movie by definition is a celebration of the holiday itself, which if you’ve seen Die Hard you’ve probably noticed isn’t in the least bit interested in doing.

What Die Hard is is a movie that happens during the Christmas season, which obviously is not the same thing and I’m willing to be that the same people that call it a Christmas movie aren’t willing to give the same leeway to either Black Christmas (1974 and 2006) – which literally has ‘Christmas’ in the fucking title – or Silent Night, Deadly Night (1984).

And if those movies aren’t Christmas movies – despite there being a better argument for them being so – then Die Hard certainly isn’t.

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