48 Frames Per Second

Forty-eight frames per second, a measurement that’s meaningless to most of us–including me.  I don’t quite understand how it’s supposedly such a game changer–yet to men like Peter Jackson, Douglas Trumball or James Cameron, it represents the future of movies.  Currently, films are shown at 24 fps, and increasing the frame rate will supposedly create […]

The Lion Roars

Edited 7/22 1155, 1216 According to cnet, Apple has sold 1 million copies of Lion (Mac OS X 10.7).  What’s most amazing about that number is not only that it was released last Wednesday, but for the first time Apple has issued a OS (operating system) that was downloadable via the App Store ( an […]

Apple Devours Hulu?

Edited 731 7/22 I don’t know about this rumor, but it’s too fascinating to let go.  According to Deadline, Apple is considering purchasing Hulu for $2 billion.  What’s most interesting is that the deal would include two years of exclusive programming from NBCUniversal (now owned by Comcast), Fox (NewsCorp) and Disney (who happens to have […]

Conan Vs. Final Cut Pro X

When I have posted video from Conan O’ Brien, it usually had something to do with him skewering movies (such as his “Thor” parodies), though I was surprised to learn that he’s aimed his sights at Apple. And speaking of Final Cut Pro X, here’s video of someone actually using the program.

Final Cut Pro X Is Here!

Today Apple released Final Cut Pro X, their flagship video editing application. It’s available via the Apple App Store for $299. The prior version, Final Cut Studio, is in high demand by movie studios for film editing, though it remains to be seen if Final Cut Pro X is adopted as enthusiastically. At first, seeing […]

‘FullMetal Alchemist’

Lately I have been expanding my anime repertoire.  A few days ago I watched some episodes of “Samurai Champloo,” which has to be the best synthesis of anime/hip-hop attitude/Japanese history that I have yet seen, assuming that there is other anime in done a similar vein, which I doubt (though “Cowboy Bebop” came close in […]