‘Dragon Age: Inquisition – The Breach’ Trailer

I’ve played the original Dragon Age, if I recall, for less than a half hour before I lost interest.  That’s more a commentary on me being really fickle more than anything else. In other words, it doesn’t take much for me to lose interest in something. For instance, if the control scheme is a bit unusual and […]

Can There Be A Overwatch Feature In Our Future?

Blizzard Entertainment, creator of games like StarCraft and WarCraft has recently introduced Overwatch, a new game with an interesting storyline revolving around a time in the future when wars have been ended by superpower operatives, ofne of which happens to be a talking, armored gorilla.  It the cinematic-style trailer is to beloved, it’s going to be amazing. Though what’s more […]

‘The Evil Within’ Trailer

I have never been a huge player of video games, though recently I have been playing Penumbra: Requiem, and realized that enjoy it.  I don’t own any video game systems, though when I see trailers for games like The Evil Within it makes me wonder if perhaps life would be just a little bit better with […]

‘Silent Hills’ Trailer

Typically when horror-maestro Guillermo Del Toro creates something I am one of the first to acknowledge the sheer awesomeness of his work because few directors, in my experience, have such an eye for the small details that make a movie, be it science fiction, horror, or whatever, particularly memorable. His most recent project, a videogame that […]

‘Alien: Isolation’ Trailer

Alien: Isolation, if the trailer does the game any justice, is gorgeous.  The original Alien, the movie that came out in 1979, directly inspired the videogame and was (and still is to many) considered to be one of the scariest movies ever made. The game play (as far as I can tell) as well as cinematics are directly […]

‘Temple Run’ To Get Movie Treatment

If you’re among the people that think the ‘Transformers’ films were too cerebral, and “Mortal Combat” too allegorical, there’s going to be a movie based on the iOS video game “Temple Run.” Though there’s the advantage that the video game has so little plot – run, jump, rinse, repeat – that the filmmakers will have […]

‘StarCraft II: Vengeance Of The Swarm’ Trailer

I am not a huge video game player, though I always seems to make my way back to a ‘StarCraft’ game.  The story lines are engaging, and they’re less about how many things that you kill (though killing does come into play, it’s by no means random) than how you manage your resources, which will […]

‘Dead Space 3’ Trailer

The latest game in the ‘Dead Space’ Saga is here, and proves that space isn’t the only place where no one can hear you scream.  I have played the original game on my BriPad 2, though I imagine that the version on consoles like the XBox 360 or Playstation are much more elaborate because of […]