In The Penumbra Of The Black Plague

I am not a huge video game player, and in fact I tend to enjoy watching other people playing more than doing so myself.  I buy games every once in awhile, particularly if I like the concept behind them, play for a few minutes, then lose interest.

Most of it has to do with my attention span, which for games can be particularly brief. I have always been more interested in the hype that surrounds a game than the game itself; so that when I finally own a game that I have been lusting for for months, if not years, it almost automatically loses what got me interested in the first place.

When Steam was relatively new I purchased six or seven games, two of them being Penumbra: Black Plague and Requiem.

I assume that I have the last two parts of a trilogy, though I don’t think I am necessarily missing anything.

In the years I owned the games I think that I might have played them once or twice, and then for no more than five or ten minutes.  Typically, the minute I came to an obstacle, off went my interest.

Recently I started playing Black Plague, and I really enjoyed it.  I think that I am at least halfway through, if not further.  And I still have encounter points where I have had no idea what to do next, but I am able to look up PewDiePie (Felix Kjellberg, whom looks a bit like Paul W.S. Anderson) on YouTube, for a hint or two.

I was capable of doing so before, but that implies that I cared about completing the game before.

And I didn’t, but…

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