The Interview – Review

 “The Producers Of The Interview Should Consider The Sony Hacking Fortuitous Because There’s No Other Way Such An Otherwise Middling Movie Would Receive So Much Attention.” When I first learned of all the hullabaloo over Sony Pictures’ The Interview, the first thing that came to mind was that if it weren’t for the hack, there’s no way the […]

Get Hard – Trailer

If I can get one thing for Christmas it will be that Will Farrell NEVER appears nude–or semi-nude, for that matter–in movies ever again.  His sense of shamelessness and boldness are to be applauded, but he’s not exactly easy on the eyes. Doughy and the antithesis of athletic, Chris Evans he’s not. In any case, […]

‘Drive Hard’ Trailer

Wen I first heard of this trailer, the first thing that came to mine was the Nick Cage vehicle, Drive Angry. Though this actually looks pretty interesting.  And sure, you can tell virtually the entire movie from the trailer (guy gets ends up driving for criminal, criminal robs mob (or some such organization), guy reluctantly […]

‘Let’s Be Cops’ Review

Let’s (Not) Be Cops, And Say That We Did When I saw the trailer for Let’s Be Cops I genuinely enjoyed it.  It not only looked funny, but stars both Jake Johnson and Damon Wayans Jr, who are also in the Fox sitcom New Girl (which is funny), whom I assume since they knew each other […]

‘Horrible Bosses 2’ Teaser Trailer

Have you ever seen a movie that should be funny, one that seemingly has all the elements, like good comedic actors, an engaging premise and plenty of awkward situations, yet for some reason just isn’t? That’s the way I felt about the first Horrible Bosses (and The Heat, but that’s another matter)  It wasn’t a terrible movie, but […]

‘Let’s Be Cops’ Trailer

I saw the trailer for “Let’s Be Cops” when I went to see “Oculus” last week and I really enjoyed it.  It stars Jake Johnson, from “The New Girl,” a television show that I happen to like (Yeah, I was surprised too) and Damon Wayans Jr. Johnson has this vaguely Jack Klugmanesque (in the role of […]

‘Fading Gigolo’ Trailer

I am not a huge Woody Allen fan, in fact the only film of his that I think I saw was “Sleeper.” Though I do hear a lot about how I am supposed to like his work. That being said, there’s something about multi-hyphenate director John Turturro’s “Fading Gigolo” that really interests me.  And despite getting […]

‘The Heat’ Review

“Paul Feig’s “The Heat” is often amusing, though it doesn’t work as a buddy movie because Sandra Bullock’s character is so bland that Melissa McCarthy has to do all the heavy lifting.” Part of me was wondering if the reason I didn’t enjoy “The Heat” as nearly as much as I would have liked to – there […]

‘Tucker And Dale vs Evil’ Streaming

Tucker & Dale vs Evil, currently streaming on Netflix, is a horror/comedy with more levels than similar films.  It can be taken as a cautionary tale about the perils of prejudging people, or if that goes over your head, then perhaps a story about the perils of making hair-trigger assumptions. Or you can take it […]

The Movie Poster (Sorta) That Vulture Forgot

Vulture has prepared a list of the Ten Best and Worst Movie Posters of the Year, and while most of their choices are good ones, particularly “Martha, Marcy, May, Marlene,” I think that they missed one, which was understandable because if isn’t for a movie, but a television series on the FX Network. It lasted […]