‘Horrible Bosses 2’ Teaser Trailer

Have you ever seen a movie that should be funny, one that seemingly has all the elements, like good comedic actors, an engaging premise and plenty of awkward situations, yet for some reason just isn’t?

That’s the way I felt about the first Horrible Bosses (and The Heat, but that’s another matter)  It wasn’t a terrible movie, but it wasn’t particularly hilarious, either.  Something about Colin Ferrell, appearing balding and with a paunch–quite unlike the actor typically appears–feels more like stunt casting than anything else.

Besides, I suspect that there are lots of actual balding, paunchy actors that could use the work.

Then there’s Dr. Julia Harris, DDS (Jennifer Aniston) character, who seems to be less an attempt to create an actual person than a walking, taking manifestation of libido, who in the first film had no other reason for being than to lust after Nick Hendricks (Jason Bateman), who relied more on shocking viewers with what she had to say more than anything genuinely funny.

In fact, Charlie Day was wittier in Pacific Rim, which considering that that movie is not only a comedy, but one about giant robots and monsters, is a pretty good indicator of how mediocre Horrible Bosses really was.

And if this trailer is at all accurate, things are getting a little scatalogical up in here.

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