Get Hard – Trailer

If I can get one thing for Christmas it will be that Will Farrell NEVER appears nude–or semi-nude, for that matter–in movies ever again.  His sense of shamelessness and boldness are to be applauded, but he’s not exactly easy on the eyes.

Doughy and the antithesis of athletic, Chris Evans he’s not.

In any case, Get Hard revolves around Farrell’s character, who’s arrested for embezzling money (or some sort of financial wrongdoing) and is to be sent to jail in 30 days.

Not wanting to be raped in prison he gets Kevin Hart to teach him how to become “hard“–because Farrell’s so misinformed he thinks that all black people have spent time in jail and are thugs.

Hopefully, hilarious hijinks ensue.

The title is also pretty fun, because it has a dual meaning, which makes me wonder if the MPAA somehow missed it (if only because they’re notorious for sucking the fun out of everything).

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