Zootopia – Trailer 2

I really like the Zootopia trailer.  It’s Pixar, which means that it’s going to look great, but unlike other of their movies it looks like it might do less moralizing, and more entertaining.

The Good Dinosaur – Teaser Trailer

The teaser for Pixar’s The Good Dinosaur was released today, and it’s very Pixarian (not a word, but it ought to be) in that the backgrounds appear almost photo-real, while the creatures themselves (be they cars, planes, people or in this instance, dinosaurs) look relatively soft, doughy and not at all realistic. Which makes sense considering that to do otherwise […]

Inside Out – Trailer 2

This is a really cute trailer (and casting Lewis Black as Anger, sheer genius, in an obvious sort of way considering he’s built a career out of being pissed).  There’s something about Pixar productions that makes them feel more interesting–generally speaking–than those from companies such as Dreamworks SKG and Illumination/Universal.  That’s not necessarily to say that […]

‘Big Hero 6’ Trailer

This looks awesome.  The Pixar-infusion to Disney Animation has apparently done wonders because this looks incredible.  Now combined with some goodness from the Marvel side of the family, there’s virtually no way that Big Hero 6 can’t be a hit.

Meet Baymax!

As you can tell from the screenshots of the Tweets that I have included below, I have been having a few conversations with Baymax, of Disney’s upcoming Big Hero 6.  He’s very literal, as is the way with most machines–and reminds me quite a bit of Apple Inc’s Siri. Besides, how can you resist a mug like […]