The Good Dinosaur – Teaser Trailer

Good Dinosaur posterThe teaser for Pixar’s The Good Dinosaur was released today, and it’s very Pixarian (not a word, but it ought to be) in that the backgrounds appear almost photo-real, while the creatures themselves (be they cars, planes, people or in this instance, dinosaurs) look relatively soft, doughy and not at all realistic.

Which makes sense considering that to do otherwise would run the risk of alienating all those children that will mercilessly persuade their parents into taking them to see it.

To say nothing of toy sales, after all, there are probably lots of realistic-looking dinosaurs still sitting on toy shop shelves, taking up space and getting dusty.

Though to be fair that’s alright–the state of Pixar animation, not the manipulation of adults by children–because today’s computer animated features are our cartoons (and I’m aware that they still hand-draw them, though typically not in movies made domestically) and cartoons aren’t known for characters that are anatomically exact.

And it will probably make a bazillion dollars.

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