X-File A Day – “Born Again”

‘Born Again’ is the 22nd episode of “The X-Files” and is a clever twist on evil children (which is apt, considering we’re coming up on Halloween) in that the child, Michelle Bishop (Andrea Libman) isn’t evil, but is somehow attached to the spirit of a police officer, Detective Charlie Morris, that had been wronged by […]

X-File A Day – “Tooms”

“Tooms” is the twenty-first episode of The X-Files, and marks the return of Eugene Victor Tooms (Doug Hutchinson), last seen in episode 3, “Squeeze.” Somehow Tooms comes up for trial, and is released.  This is, of course, a bad decision because as soon as he’s freed he gets back to his old habits (extracting, and […]

X-File A Day – “Darkness Falls”

“Darkness Falls” is the twentieth episode of the first season of The X-Flies, and despite its ‘monster of the week’ nature, is a favorite of mine.  The story takes place in Olympic National Forest, in Northwest Washington State (though I am reasonably sure that it really doesn’t). A logging crew vanishes without a trace, though […]

X-File A Day – “Shapes”

“Shapes” is the 19th episode of the first season, and one of my favorites because it accepts the legends that undergird it at face value, as opposed to finding another (generally lesser) reason for whatever weirdness Mulder and Scully happened to be investigating. Of the top of my head, I recall this happening with with […]

X-File A Day – “Miracle Man”

If you were somehow able to snatch someone from Death’s irresistible grasp, would you?  To free someone, perhaps a loved one, from that which  is an undeniable – and inescapable – fact of life. Would you grant them a second chance? But nothing is without cost.  For those you would return, they would be – […]

X-File A Day – “E.B.E.”

“E.B.E.” or Extraterrestrial Biological Entity, is the seventeenth episode of “The X-Files” and it probes a little bit deeper into the conspiracy that powered the series for most of its run – and before it totally went off the rails in later seasons. It begins in Iraq, when a pilot shoots down an unidentified flying […]

X-File A Day – “Young At Heart”

“Young At Heart” is the sixteenth episode of the series, and it’s a doozy.  In it Mulder is being stalked by a man that’s , supposedly, already dead. When Mulder had just joined the FBI, he shot John Barnett (David Peterson), though not before he killed another agent during a robbery. Barnett was taken alive, […]

X-File A Day – “Lazarus”

In “Lazarus,” the fifteenth episode of the series, Scully’s ex-boyfriend and fellow agent, Jack Willis (Christopher Allport) is killed during a stakeout of a bank, though afterward the robber is shot by Scully. Both men momentarily die, though upon the resuscitation of Agent Willis, somehow the consciousness of the robber is transferred to his body. […]

X-File A Day – “Eve”

What is it about identical twins – as opposed to fraternal – that makes them so creepy (I mean the type that doesn’t seem to understand that, despite looking alike, that they are two separate individuals)? These twins – that seem to exist only exist only in movies, like David Cronenberg’s excellent “Dead Ringers,” – […]

X-File A Day – “Fallen Angel”

This episode, the tenth of the series, begins with the crash of a mysterious object in Townsend, Wisconsin.  The U.S. Space Surveillance Center, which according to Deep Throat tracks all objects that enter American air space, have determined that the object – due to its erratic flight path and maneuverability – is not any aircraft […]