X-File A Day – “Eve”

X-Files Opening LogoWhat is it about identical twins – as opposed to fraternal – that makes them so creepy (I mean the type that doesn’t seem to understand that, despite looking alike, that they are two separate individuals)?

These twins – that seem to exist only exist only in movies, like David Cronenberg’s excellent “Dead Ringers,” – act as if they’re the same person, finishing each other’s sentences and other strange and mildly unearthly behaviors.

If you feel as I do, episode 11, “Eve,” isn’t going to reassure you.

It begins with a death under very unusual circumstances – an exsanguination – in Greenwich, Connecticut of a Mr. Simmons, who happens to be survived by his daughter, Teena (Erika Krievins).

Mulder immediately assumes aliens are involved, till another little girl, Cindy Reardon (Sabrina Krievins) – who looks exactly like Teena Simmons – has her father die in exactly the same way, at the same time, on the other side of the country, in California.

Later, Teena is kidnapped by an unknown assailant.

Not wanting the same thing to happen to Cindy, Mulder stakeouts her house while Scully heads to the Luther Stapes Center For Reproductive Medicine, where she was conceived.

“Eve,” quite possibly one of the more bizarre episodes of the series, manages to work despite that fact.  It has this whole Children Of The Damned-type vibe that is quite creepy.

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