X-File A Day – “Born Again”

X-Files Opening Logo‘Born Again’ is the 22nd episode of “The X-Files” and is a clever twist on evil children (which is apt, considering we’re coming up on Halloween) in that the child, Michelle Bishop (Andrea Libman) isn’t evil, but is somehow attached to the spirit of a police officer, Detective Charlie Morris, that had been wronged by those that should have protected him.

Which is why the episode is so interesting:  Michelle never actually does anything bad – though the hang-dog expression on her face is at times unnerving – but since Morris’ spirit is attached to her, she’s always present when someone is killed.

Det. Charlie Morris also had a thing for origami, as does Michelle.  Scully, as usual is very skeptical, but I have tried to make origami figures before and if an eight-year-old child had discovered the patience to do so, there must be something otherworldly going on.

Mulder believes that it is a case of reincarnation, but that doesn’t quite make sense to me, if only because once he makes peace (kills the people that killed him) he leaves, though as far as I am aware idea of reincarnation doesn’t quite work that way.

This episode also starred Maggie Wheeler as Det. Sharon Lazard.  If she looks at all familiar, it’s perhaps because she played Janice Litman,  Chandler Bing‘s girlfriend in the NBC series “Friends,” which ran from 1994 to 2004.

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