X-File A Day – “E.B.E.”

X-Files Opening Logo“E.B.E.” or Extraterrestrial Biological Entity, is the seventeenth episode of “The X-Files” and it probes a little bit deeper into the conspiracy that powered the series for most of its run – and before it totally went off the rails in later seasons.

It begins in Iraq, when a pilot shoots down an unidentified flying object, which falls to earth in Turkey and is supposedly retrieved by the United States.

The entire episode revolves around a search by Mulder and Scully of a rumored E.B.E. that they believe is being transported via tractor trailer.

The truck and driver end up in custody, after he has reported seeing an alien craft.  He has physical symptoms (a rash and a cough) shared by people who have had close encounters with UFO’s; or Gulf War syndrome, as Scully suspects.

They visit the Lone Gunmen, whom Scully considers a tad paranoid, till she finds some type of electronic surveillance device in her pen.

Later Mulder sets up a meeting with Deep Throat (Jerry Hardin), who tells him about the Government’s efforts, who warns him that he’s on “A dangerous path.”

Crosses and double crosses run rampant in this episode, as Mulder and Scully work in opposition to a shadow government that will do everything in its considerable power to keep the truth safely hidden away.


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