Trailer Into Reaction: Gemini Man (2019) | Official Trailer

Ang Lee’s Gemini Man is, on the face of it, problematic. First off, on the face of it the plot of the movie seems AWFULLY similar plot-wise to 2012’s Looper. But that’s likely just a coincidence. After all, there’s relatively little that’s new under the sun. Though what’s potentially an bigger issue is that the […]

The Jungle Book – Official Teaser Trailer

[youtube-] The teaser trailer to Jon Favreau’s The Jungle Book has recently dropped, and visually it reminds me of Ang Lee’s Life of Pi (which isn’t a bad thing, especially considering that it was remarkably successful despite the having actors unknown to most Americans–and probably a large percentage of international audiences as well–with perhaps the exception […]

A Case For Lesser Known Directors

Some people are critical of Marvel using lesser known directors for the superhero properties–the main one being that they’re cheaper than better known talent.  This relates directly to rumors that they’re considering  Rick Famuyiwa and Ava DuVernay, for upcoming Marvel projects. And while their relative inexpensiveness is undeniably a factor, I don’t think it’s nearly as important as […]

‘Now You See Me’ Trailer

I like Louis Leterrier as a director.  His reboot of “The Incredible Hulk” captured the essence of the character without being as angsty as Ang Lee’s somewhat torutured version.  He also seems to approach his projects with genuine passion for the subject matter. Then again, he also directed the reboot of “Clash Of The Titans,” […]

A Tale Of Three Hulks

Since Marvel flirted with bankruptcy a while ago, various studios have taken a stab at their characters, with varying degrees of success.  Some, like Spider-Man or The X-Men, have been unequivocal successes, while others, like 2003’s “Hulk,” and the “The Fantastic Four” were profitable, though not nearly as successful. So, why do studios keep making […]

Patty Jenkins Chosen To Direct Thor 2!

Earlier today, Patty Jenkins was confirmed as the director of Thor 2, which is really interesting because, no matter if you prefer DC Comics’ characters, like Superman or Batman, you’ve got to give Marvel credit for making bold choices, particularly when it comes to directors. Which doesn’t change that the reason for their choice is […]