‘Now You See Me’ Trailer

I like Louis Leterrier as a director.  His reboot of “The Incredible Hulk” captured the essence of the character without being as angsty as Ang Lee’s somewhat torutured version.  He also seems to approach his projects with genuine passion for the subject matter.

Then again, he also directed the reboot of “Clash Of The Titans,” which is forgivable as long as he doesn’t continue to feature actors such as Sam Worthington, who’s not exactly the most expressive thespian there is.

I want to like “Now you Seem Me,” and think that I’ll see it, but the trailer has got to be one of the least substantial that I have seen in awhile.  It’s like a trick pulled by one of the four magicians that the film revolves around, and almost as ephemeral.

And since I am bitching, Morgan Freeman is perhaps one of the best actors working today.  That being said, I just saw him in “Oblivion” and get the feeling that he’s playing the same ‘Magical Negro‘ role here.

We’ll see, but it doesn’t take a Houdini to tell that I will probably be right.

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