Trailer Into Reaction: Batwoman (2019) | First Look Trailer

The full trailer for The CW’s Batwoman dropped earlier today and it bothers me. To be honest I feel that way about quite a few things about the trailer but one thing immediately went to the top of the list. And that’s the appearance of a young Lucius Fox (played by Morgan Freeman in the […]

Cargo – Trailer

It appears that the zombie genre has greater legs than anyone might have anticipated  (AMC’s The Walking Dead–despite a ratings decline–still shuffles on while spawning a sequel–Fear The Walking Dead–a somewhat unnecessary admonition) and along the way appears to have discovered a legitimacy few horror genres have had prior. Though that shouldn’t be a surprise […]

‘Last Vegas’ Trailer

When I saw the standee for “Last Vegas” in the theater, I assumed that it was some sort of gangster film.  Having seen the commercial, it’s actually a bucket list sort of movie.  Which is OK for me, but what’s most interesting is that the trailer really seems to feature Morgan Freeman as a doddering […]

‘The Lego Movie’ Trailer

Don’t get me wrong, there’s a huge audience for Legos.  They’re two theme parks dedicated to them – called Legoland – in this country; one in California, the other in Florida.  Overseas, there are Legolands in Germany, Malaysia, the United Kingdom and Denmark (where they were invented). But does that mean that anyone wants to […]

‘Now You See Me’ Review

“Now You See Me” is well-acted and generally interesting to watch, though it’s not nearly as magical as it gives the impression of being.” Louis Leterrier’s “Now You See Me” revolves around the antics of ‘The Four Horsemen,” (Jessie Eisenberg, Woody Harrelson – who seems to be turning up everywhere lately – Dave Franco and […]

‘Now You See Me’ Trailer

I like Louis Leterrier as a director.  His reboot of “The Incredible Hulk” captured the essence of the character without being as angsty as Ang Lee’s somewhat torutured version.  He also seems to approach his projects with genuine passion for the subject matter. Then again, he also directed the reboot of “Clash Of The Titans,” […]

Universal Pictures Free ‘Oblivion’ Screenings

Universal Pictures and Hero Complex are having free screenings of “Oblivion,” Joseph Kosinski’s followup to “Tron: Legacy,” starting on the 15th of this month. If you’re in New York, Philadelphia or Burbank (among others cities) you might want to look into it. It revolves around Tom Cruise, who’s a repairman of droids on an Earth that […]