‘The Lego Movie’ Trailer

Don’t get me wrong, there’s a huge audience for Legos.  They’re two theme parks dedicated to them – called Legoland – in this country; one in California, the other in Florida.  Overseas, there are Legolands in Germany, Malaysia, the United Kingdom and Denmark (where they were invented).

But does that mean that anyone wants to see a feature film based upon them?

And I don’t mean a documentary about who invented them, or anything like that.  I mean a feature film, where the Legos are animated, doing whatever their rather limited range of moment will let them.

The trailer is cute, and I suspect that little kids will really get into it (dragging their parents along), but will enough of them do so to make this movie a success?  Who knows?  After all, it can’t have cost that much to make, though with actors like Morgan Freeman, Liam Neeson, Will Ferrell and Elizabeth Banks, it can’t be the cheapest production ever, either.

Though what’s more interesting than whether or not the film will find its audience (to me) is that Freeman seems to play the exact same type of character he traditionally does, despite being turned into a Lego.

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