Now You See Me 2 – Official Trailer 1

I actually enjoyed the original Now You See Me, despite that the story made no sense

‘Now You See Me’ Review

“Now You See Me” is well-acted and generally interesting to watch, though it’s not nearly as magical as it gives the impression of being.” Louis Leterrier’s “Now You See Me” revolves around the antics of ‘The Four Horsemen,” (Jessie Eisenberg, Woody Harrelson – who seems to be turning up everywhere lately – Dave Franco and […]

‘Now You See Me’ Trailer

I like Louis Leterrier as a director.  His reboot of “The Incredible Hulk” captured the essence of the character without being as angsty as Ang Lee’s somewhat torutured version.  He also seems to approach his projects with genuine passion for the subject matter. Then again, he also directed the reboot of “Clash Of The Titans,” […]

A Tale Of Three Hulks

Since Marvel flirted with bankruptcy a while ago, various studios have taken a stab at their characters, with varying degrees of success.  Some, like Spider-Man or The X-Men, have been unequivocal successes, while others, like 2003’s “Hulk,” and the “The Fantastic Four” were profitable, though not nearly as successful. So, why do studios keep making […]

Wrath of the Titans Trailer

Here’s the trailer for Jonathan Liebesman’s “Wrath of the Titans,” the sequel to Louis Leterrier’s “Clash of the Titans,” which is itself a remake of a 1981 film by Desmond Davis.  Liebesman also directed “Darkness Falls,” which took a great idea–the story of the Tooth Fairy, and her murderous attachment to the collection of teeth, […]