Wrath of the Titans Trailer

Here’s the trailer for Jonathan Liebesman’s “Wrath of the Titans,” the sequel to Louis Leterrier’s “Clash of the Titans,” which is itself a remake of a 1981 film by Desmond Davis.  Liebesman also directed “Darkness Falls,” which took a great idea–the story of the Tooth Fairy, and her murderous attachment to the collection of teeth, and made it into something that was–on the whole–somewhat boring.

Leterrier is a director I tend to like, particularly after his work on the reboot of Marvel’s “The Incredible Hulk,” though “Clash” left me a bit cold.

It could have been because of the terrible post-conversion 3D; it could have been that the coolest thing about the entire movie was The Kraken, pictured below.

This is despite the original creature being created by the stop-motion special effects genius, Ray Harryhausen, while the update is composed of little more than pixels and many anonymous man-hours.

I am a little hesitant about “Wrath,” though I hope the finished film lives up to the trailer.

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