The Official Dark Knight Rises Teaser Trailer

While I suspect that the primary reason this was released today was because so many people had crappy pirated versions, I have to admit that they’re doing the right thing, which is feeding the almost rabid interest this movie seems to be developing.

I also noticed that, while Bane doesn’t talk much, when he does you still can barely understand him.

Not a good sign though part of me thinks that Christopher Nolan is acknowledging the reality of the situation in that the impressive head gear he seems to sport should effect how he speaks.

Sure, but if that happens to be the case (and it may not) then movies that take place in the dark would be, I don’t know, dark to the degree that viewers would have no idea what’s going on, other than sound ques.  I suspect that most directors realize that they can lose their audience if something isn’t going on in that darkness (or they’re so talented–or lucky) that they think that they can pull it off.

Besides, there are other famous breathing-impaired villains  that managed to sound clearer.

As usual, thanks to the awesome people at Deadline.

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