Streaming Innovation?

Anyone else think that Walt Disney, a company, based on the movies they produce (keep in mind this is the company that produced 1982’s Tron and animated features like Toy Story and The Incredibles among many, many others) might be running out of steam? I ask because here’s the logo for heir upcoming streaming service, […]

Love Disney, But Iger Seems A Bit Douchy

I am a huge fan of Disney, not because of their characters–which for the most part I find cloying and treacly–than the business acumen of Bob Iger, who had the sense to see the value in LucasFilm, Marvel Studios, and Pixar, all of which he purchased; each of which are virtually licenses to purchase money. Captain America: […]

Finding Dory – Trailer

The quote “What goes up, must come down,” has been attributed to Issac Newton, though apparently no one told Bob Iger over at Walt Disney because two of his studios, Pixar and Marvel Studios, spend most of them time defying gravity, with releases that consistently break box office records. Though maybe Newton got it right […]

The Tin Man Got A Heart, Now It’s Mickey’s Turn

Success should be rewarded.  If you’re good at what you do, you should be paid for it. Sometimes, handsomely. But when such things grow out of proportion, it borders on insanity. For instance, the head of the Walt Disney Company, Bob Iger, recently announced that there would be layoffs to cut costs, which is an […]

Avengers 2 In Planning Stages

If someone were to tell you that there is going to be a sequel to “The Avengers,” you’d probably say: “No kidding.” If you’re like me, you’d say something like: “Let’s see…it’s been out almost a full week in this country, and has earned over $226 million, while overseas its raked in around  $450 million. […]