Streaming Innovation?

Anyone else think that Walt Disney, a company, based on the movies they produce (keep in mind this is the company that produced 1982’s Tron and animated features like Toy Story and The Incredibles among many, many others) might be running out of steam?

I ask because here’s the logo for heir upcoming streaming service, designed to be a Netflix-killer.

Disney+. Have you ever seen anything as boldly unimaginative as that?

Notice that the ‘plus’ sign leans slightly to the left, like…you likely know what I’m implying, so there’s that…?

Bob Iger, the current head of The Walt Disney Company gets a lot of credit for how well the company is doing, but I don’t think that it’s deserved because all Iger did was purchase already successful properties, and added them to Disney fold.

Pixar, Marvel Studios and Lucasfilm (despite it’s recent problems the company is still making money hand over fist though the question is can it be sustained) were all doing just fine prior to being purchased by Disney, and would likely still be doing just as fine if they weren’t (and I might add we’d might even still be getting a Guardians Of The Galaxy, Vol. 3 written and directed by James Gunn because as far as anyone is aware his firing was done not by Kevin Feige, but Iger and some of his executives).

So much for operational autonomy.

So, no wonder the logo and the name of the new Disney streaming service are so bland: it’s coming from a company with leadership seemingly unable to take anything remotely resembling a genuine risk, making them little more than a holding company, as opposed to the place where dreams are made.

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