Puppet Master: The Littlest Reich – Red Band Trailer

Screenshot 2018-08-05 17.36.53I’ve always wanted to like the Puppet Master movies more than I actually do.

Unlike Chucky and Gizmo the antagonists/protagonists of the Puppet Master films not only can’t talk, but also aren’t particularly expressive physically so it makes relating to them–beyond being interesting practical effects–a little difficult.

And while a lot of that may be due to the relatively cheap production budget of each movie (Box Office Mojo doesn’t even list them, never mind their costs), it goes without saying that starting with a relatively small pie means even less when you divvy things up.

And that’s a problem because weak characters can maintain viewer interest for a movie or two–there have been twelve movies in the Puppet Master series and about five Transformers movies so what do I know?–though they’ve never reached the popularity of a Child’s Play or Gremlins.

Which is why Puppet Master: The Littlest Reich interests me.  Charles Band–the producer of all the prior movies–seems to be taking a backset to a different creative team.

Then there’s the particularly gory direction of the new film.  A definitive voice is a good thing, even if one doesn’t particularly want to hear it.


‘Paddington’ Trailer 1

Paddington is based upon the children’s storybook character Paddington Bear, who I imagine is bigger in Europe, like The Adventures of Tintin, which formed the basis of a 2011 film directed by Steven Spielberg that was produced by Peter Jackson and written by Edgar Wright, Joe Cornish and Steven Moffat.  

I also expected to be creeped out by this trailer, and I wasn’t.  I guess that I don’t mind anthropomorphic animals as long as they can curse up a blue streak, like Rocket from Guardians Of The Galaxy, though the minute they try to act all cute and cuddly I get Chucky (who has to rank among the creepiest dolls every) vibes.

‘Curse Of Chucky’ Review

Curse Of Chucky

“”Curse Of Chucky” is at heart a very smart movie.  Unfortunately, much of that smartness is surrounded by a typical horror film.”  

Don Mancini‘s “Curse Of Chucky” takes the “Child’s Play” franchise back to its origins, relying more on scares and suspense than the camp of the last few entries (which were entertaining, but began to go far afield of Tom Holland‘s original – which was written by Mancini).

What’s surprising is that “Curse Of Chucky” is a very clever movie.  What’s unfortunate is that you don’t realize how smart it till about an hour in.

Which is a pity because till that time it’s a typical slasher film.

What doesn’t do the film any credit is that the violence that takes place is, more often than not, more cartoony that Chucky himself, which lessens its impact somewhat.  For instance, there’s a scene where Chucky mixes someone’s pasta with a liberal dose of rat poison.  Now, I have never eaten any type of poison before, though I do know that most poisons taste pretty bad (often for the very reason that if you happen to accidentally ingest them, you would know it) which is an indicator that you should at least stop eating it.

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