‘Curse Of Chucky’ Review

Curse Of Chucky

“”Curse Of Chucky” is at heart a very smart movie.  Unfortunately, much of that smartness is surrounded by a typical horror film.”  

Don Mancini‘s “Curse Of Chucky” takes the “Child’s Play” franchise back to its origins, relying more on scares and suspense than the camp of the last few entries (which were entertaining, but began to go far afield of Tom Holland‘s original – which was written by Mancini).

What’s surprising is that “Curse Of Chucky” is a very clever movie.  What’s unfortunate is that you don’t realize how smart it till about an hour in.

Which is a pity because till that time it’s a typical slasher film.

What doesn’t do the film any credit is that the violence that takes place is, more often than not, more cartoony that Chucky himself, which lessens its impact somewhat.  For instance, there’s a scene where Chucky mixes someone’s pasta with a liberal dose of rat poison.  Now, I have never eaten any type of poison before, though I do know that most poisons taste pretty bad (often for the very reason that if you happen to accidentally ingest them, you would know it) which is an indicator that you should at least stop eating it.

And while most people wouldn’t have any reason to suspect that their pasta is laced with rat poison, I feel confident in saying that there’s no red sauce on earth potent enough to cover up the taste.

Though the star of any ‘Chucky’ film is, of course, Chucky (voiced by Brad Dourif, who sounds like he’s having a really great time).  Tony Gardner handles the animatronic work, and he’s brilliant at it.  Chucky’s face is expressive, and he generally moves in a smooth, life-like fashion.

The film makers are also clever enough to know that sometimes it’s what you don’t see, as well as what you do, that makes a character interesting.  This is why you dont see Chucky in a fashion that compromises the physicality of the character, which is a really good idea.


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