Knock, Knock – Trailer 1

Knock, Knock is the latest from Eli Roth and Keanu Reeves, and while I haven’t the movie, I already have a few misgivings.  The first being that Reeves doesn’t tend to do well in roles that call for any sort of romantic/emotional involvement with another human being, which might be at the core of this […]

‘The Green Inferno’ Trailer

Since I have been in an apologizing mood lately, I figure that I might send a little love Eli Roth‘s way.  The reason being, I recall when his 2005 movie, Hostel, came out some critics called it “torture porn.” I can’t speak for anyone else, but while I enjoy horror movies, I don’t particularly like violence for its […]

Hanging At ‘Hemlock Grove’

“Hemlock Grove” is an oddly captivating series, less for its content – it lacks the blatant sexuality of “American Horror Story” as well as its hit-or-miss shock value – than the fact that Netflix is releasing it the same fashion as they did in the case of “House of Cards,” which is the entire series […]