‘The Green Inferno’ Trailer

Since I have been in an apologizing mood lately, I figure that I might send a little love Eli Roth‘s way.  The reason being, I recall when his 2005 movie, Hostel, came out some critics called it “torture porn.”

I can’t speak for anyone else, but while I enjoy horror movies, I don’t particularly like violence for its own sake (which some may think of as a somewhat contrary position).

And for me that’s the heart of the argument.  Whatever’s going on has to be happening for a reason.  I don’t even have to necessarily like it and it doesn’t necessarily have to be a good–or even logical (though I would prefer that it were)–reason, but it has to be there.

But pointless violence that’s apparently without rhyme or reason, I am not into (which is why I cannot stand Man Of Steel).

And I assumed that that was the case with Eli Roth’s Hostel.  So, I avoided watching it.

For years; and I am not speaking figuratively.

But it was on recently, and I was curious, so why the heck not.  As I watched the opening credits, I noticed names like Howard Berger, Greg Nicotero, Boaz YakinQuentin Tarantino and George Folsey Jr (who’s worked on some of John Landis’ best films) turn up.

Those guys aren’t known for producing crap or exploitation films (except for Tarantino in reference to the latter, and he’s made a career out of doing it well).  As I said, I gave it a try, and much to my surprise, I liked it.

And sure if was violent, but I’ve seen worse.  In fact, I recall feeling a bit unclean after watching John Stockwell‘s Touristas, which I think received better press than Roth did for Hostel.

And more shockingly, the violence was less gratuitous than the nudity.  Which isn’t to say that at points there weren’t all sorts of severed body parts lying about, but then again the movie revolved around a torture ring and a few young horny Americans who stumbled into it.

So you have to expect a little blood and gore.

So does that mean that I will see The Green Inferno in theaters?  Maybe, maybe not, though the important thing is that I will not actively avoid it, so there’s that.

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