Is Guillermo Del Toro Moving Away From Genre Movies?

I don’t think it’s hyperbole if one were to say Guillermo Del Toro is among the most renown directors of the fantastic working today. Since his first feature film, 1993’s Chronos, the Mexican auteur has been well represented in the worlds of horror and the uncanny. Then there was 2015’s Crimson Peak, which was a […]

‘Dracula Untold’ Trailer

I have to admit that when I heard of the central idea behind Gary Shore‘s Dracula Untold–essentially the story of Vlad Tepes before he became Dracula–the first thing that crossed my mind was:  “Who cares?  People don’t watch Dracula movies for what he was before he became a vampire!” Then again, Vlad Tepes isn’t just anyone.  What we know […]

‘Universal Soldier: Day Of Reckoning’ Review

I recently read a review, that claimed that John Hyams’ “Universal Soldier: Day Of Reckoning” was better than most of the ‘Universal Soldier’ films that were released theatrically (‘Day of Reckoning’ was direct to video). I am not sure if that’s the case, though it is more violent.  And by ‘violent’ I mean lots of […]

‘Twixt’ Trailer

The first feature film Francis Ford Coppola directed from his own screenplay was “Dementia 13.” Now it appears that the’s going back to his roots with “Twixt.” Looking at the movie poster, one of four for the film, I definitely get a very “Carrie” vibe. By the way, click ‘use original player’ if the video […]

New Green Lantern Trailer Shines Onto iTunes

The new Green Lantern trailer is now available via iTunes, and while he is one of my favorite DC Comics characters, I am not sure how to feel about this.  The new costume is interesting, but I can’t get around the mask.  It looks like it’s made of stone, and doesn’t work too well (for […]