Postmortem: Prometheus (2012)

Ridley Scott, even when his films are sort of silly, like “Legend,” look absolutely remarkable.  He has an eye that manages to catch the smallest details, but his ear for nonsensical story beats is not quite so acute. For instance, while “Prometheus” was gorgeous to look at, but if you give it any sort of consideration, […]

Movie Mistakes: ‘Iron Man 3’

Generally I don’t particularly care about these sorts of things, but having seen “Iron Man 3” perhaps more times than should be legal, I noticed this little error. Truth be told, it’s less of an error than the filmmakers apparently showing us what they can get away with when viewers are in awe over one of […]

‘Lockout’ Trailer

Didn’t Luc Besson retire?  If so, he has an odd way of showing it because a new film, Lockout, was not only executive produced by him but the screenplay that he helped write was based upon his idea.  It doesn’t look like anything that we haven’t seen before, if the trailer is any indicator, though […]