‘Lockout’ Trailer

Didn’t Luc Besson retire?  If so, he has an odd way of showing it because a new film, Lockout, was not only executive produced by him but the screenplay that he helped write was based upon his idea.  It doesn’t look like anything that we haven’t seen before, if the trailer is any indicator, though with a production budget of $30 million, it doesn’t have to be the next Hunger Games to turn a profit.

Speaking of profit, coming out April 13 means that it hits theaters about three weeks before “The Avengers” comes and sucks the money from many movergoers wallets.

April 13 is also a great release date because I imagine that Hunger Game fatigue would have set in by then, which means that there should be room for another film at the top.  Also notice the presence of the lady in the poster above, as if to say that Lockout has the toys and explosions that most guys crave in their summer entertainment, yet it also has a slightly less masculine side too.

By the way, can Snow (Guy Pearce) sound anymore like Snake Pliskin?

Judge for yourself, though part of me wants to see if Besson is ballsy enough to have Snow appear with an eyepatch at least once.

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