Valerian And The City Of A Thousand Planets – Poster

Lucy Besson, while a visually sumptuous director, is not a terribly original writer–which may have a little to do with him settling with John Carpenter over his 2012 movie Lockout, which was essentially Escape From New York aboard a space station. Lucy, directed by Besson in 2014, fared particularly well financially, though many considered the story (about […]

‘Brick Mansions’ Trailer

When I heard that Paul Walker had died earlier this year, I was surprised; I am not quite sure why I was, in hindsight.  People die all the time, and while large amounts of money can prolong life, no one has yet found a way to extend it appreciably. “Brick Mansions” is, I believe, the […]

‘Lockout’ Trailer

Didn’t Luc Besson retire?  If so, he has an odd way of showing it because a new film, Lockout, was not only executive produced by him but the screenplay that he helped write was based upon his idea.  It doesn’t look like anything that we haven’t seen before, if the trailer is any indicator, though […]