Results – Review

Results movie poster

Results Is Like A Spotter That Doesn’t Know What They’re Doing: They’re Potentially Dangerous, And To Be Avoided.”

I happen to be one of those people who are genetically predisposed to physical activity.  I love working out, and when I can’t do so on a regular basis I tend to get a little antsy.

So I was jazzed when I found Andrew Bujalski’s Results on Netflix.  At first glance I assumed that the movie revolved around the lives and relationships of a bunch of trainers at a fictional gym called Fit4Life (though ironically there is a gym called Results, which is also a much better title than Fit4Life)–an impression the movie encourages, at least early on.

And when the movie revolves around the gym, it’s pretty interesting seeing the clashes between oftentimes divergent personalities.  There seemed to be a lot of options for drama and humor there, though the problem is that most of the movie doesn’t take place there (at least not directly).

Now, if things outside the gym were as interesting as they had the potential to be inside, I’d have no issue, though it’s just not the case.  So things begin promisingly, get a bit chunky around the middle, then firm up in the last half hour (which is interesting because Guy Pearce and Cobie Smothers are genuinely good actors, as are Kevin Corrigan and Giovanni Ribisi, yet here very little of what makes them so comes through–though Pearce speaks is his native accent (he’s Australian), so there’s that).

In fact, at least initially, many of the characters come off pretty unlikeable, an impression that never really goes away.

As i said earlier, things firm up toward the end, but I am not too sure that most people have the endurance to stick it out that long.

Get the Results you’re been seeking on Netflix.

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