Review – Sense8

I have to admit that based on the first episode of Netflix’s Sense8 that things weren’t going to go to well.  Reason being, while it managed to avoid the problem endemic to the Wachowskis’s Matrix sequels–which because of their tendency to ‘tell, not show’ came off a bit pretentious–it also came off a bit scattershot. Then again, it should […]

Heroes Reborn Superbowl Teaser

I was a HUGE Heroes fan.  For awhile I made it my business to catch every episode, though because of the writer’s strike and some ill-conceived creative decisions (why destroy The Company?  That’s like Star Wars getting rid of the Empire.  Sure you could do it, but would you really want to?) Combined with a plot that […]

‘The Tomorrow People’ Reboot Trailer

The trailer for the CW reboot of “The Tomorrow People” has been live for a few days now, and while admittedly it isn’t enough to judge the final product by, the look doesn’t remind me of the original show at all. It looks a bit glossy, which happens when you actually have a budget to […]