Heroes Reborn Superbowl Teaser

I was a HUGE Heroes fan.  For awhile I made it my business to catch every episode, though because of the writer’s strike and some ill-conceived creative decisions (why destroy The Company?  That’s like Star Wars getting rid of the Empire.  Sure you could do it, but would you really want to?) Combined with a plot that seemed to be designed to confuse, and the series was pretty much sunk.

That being said, when Heroes was hot, it was absolutely massive, which probably had a lot to do with NBC, with original show runner/creator Tim Kring, planning to revisit that universe, despite the fact that fan-favorite villain Skylar (Zachary Quinto) won’t be returning.

You can also tell–if the teaser is any indicator–that the series will continue to use green screen like it’s going out of style.

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