‘The Tomorrow People’ Reboot Trailer

The trailer for the CW reboot of “The Tomorrow People” has been live for a few days now, and while admittedly it isn’t enough to judge the final product by, the look doesn’t remind me of the original show at all.

It looks a bit glossy, which happens when you actually have a budget to work with, unlike the original series, which seemed to have been put together with good intentions, game young actors, and enthusiasm.

I don’t mind the new look, especially since they have Mark Pellegrino playing the main bad guy (if you haven’t seen his turn as Satan on “Supernatural,” you should give it a watch because he’s that good) though it feels very much like the 2006 NBC series, “Heroes” in terms of subject matter.

The original series came out in 1973.  The most awesome opening is below.

It was rebooted in 1992, with significantly lamer music.

As I said, the latest remake looks OK, though if they wanted to please fans of the original – which I suspect they don’t – all they need to do is to adapt the music from the original series, and I am so there.

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